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David Schwartz, Executive Chef


David Schwartz: At Formento's, he makes classic dishes with a unique and nuanced take on Italian fare. Located in Fulton Market District within Chicago’s West Loop, Formento’s is an Italian restaurant that features the bright and light flavors of Italy. Created as a nod to “Nonna Formento” — owner John Ross’s grandmother — guests experience an array of dishes steeped from traditional family recipes alongside contemporary dishes. Utilizing an ingredient-driven approach, Schwartz’s style is grounded in simplicity - a perspective that veers from the typical Italian interpretations found in Chicago. Through high-quality ingredients and masterful seasoning, Schwartz allows for his craft to shine through subtleties, such as textures and details. Schwartz graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science with a focus in Culinary Arts and has previous experience at Osteria La Madia and The Bristol.